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You may want to investigate Ms. Khader a little more. I believe she has family association with the PLO and the PA. She is no unbiased nor nonpolitical individual.


I am an ex-Canadian living (retired) in Bulgaria. Classical music has been my one love in my life, above all else. Some of the greatest classical musicians, orchestras, conductors, performers and musicologists are Israeli or Jewish. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to 196 people of Jewish origin or to Israelis... only 5 have been awarded to Arab or muslim countries, and they were the so-called Peace Prize for peace that did not last more than a few paltry months. The Arab and muslim countries have contributed nothing to civilization, nothing. I am devastated that an ignorant muslim-supporting radical outfit like the Wespac Foundation and its people have the temerity to try and hold a protest against one of the greatest orchestras of the world. It seems that anything that brings joy and peace and culture to the world is hated by muslims, and therefor a target for their ignorance. I have copied the email address supplied by your good web page, and am in the process of sending an email of protest against Khadar and Westpac. God bless your work and your life.


Went to the protest last night in NY against the Israeli Philharmonic and there were only about 5 people counting myself there against 60 or more anti-Israel protesters. We did the best we could but would have been great to see more support out there.

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