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I am just writing to wish you well. I hope the conflict can be resolved. I think it must be very hard to deal with the Palestinians, hezbollah and others.
Wish Israel all the best.


Hello Mark, i have a question about the recent Hezbollah-Israel prisoner swap that will take next wednesday. I am wondering why Israel went ahead with the swap when two of the captured soldiers are probably dead and why has Israel allowed the release of a murder who's release will just boost the popularity of Hezbollah?

Martin Blecher

There are aproximately 75 000 living outside the fence. Israel has not taken care of its citizens after the disengagement. Many people are still suffering from depression, post tramautic stress and are living in temporary housing and poor conditions. What are your and the government's thoughts about the 75 000 people living on the wrong side of the fence?

Even if an agreement will be signed between Israel and the Palestinians, will they be forced out as they in Gaza?


Shalom Mr Regev.
There is vast ignorance and misinformation about Israel and "The Middle East Problem". Few, if any people know, for example:
1/ There were 600K plus Jewish refugees from Arab lands.
2/ There is a link between Arab Nationalism and Nazism/Neonazism (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Nazis given sanctuary in Egypt and Syria and training their Secret Police, dissemination of Protocols by Saudi Arabia, Arab funding up to the present day of Neonazi organisations).
3/ The appalling nature of the regimes in the Arab World, and the suffering inflicted not only on Jews but on Christians and upon their own Arab People.
4/ The long history of persecution of Jews and other minorities throughout the history of The Empire of Islam and the violent Imperialistic history of "The Religion of Peace".

There are many more questions, but I thought I'd just ask four.

Later this year "Islam Expo" will be running in London and tens of thousands will visit and be peddled the familiar Arab version of the truth.

What is being done to counteract Arab and Muslim propaganda? Have our politicians and media been bought by Arab money? There is enough of it.

Thank you for your reply Mr Regev.

Vyas, Australia

Dear Mr. Regev,

I have two questions for you:

1.Who are the emerging leaders within the Israeli political arena (besides Netanyahu) who you believe would be able to replace Olmert and provide Israel with an effective leadership, preparing for and leading a potential conflict with Iran and any other Arab powers who may be drawn into it?

2. What measures have you put in place to improve the presentation of Israel's position and rationale for any potential military actions in the foreign media?

Samuel Paradisgarten

Hello Mark:
Living in the Diaspora, I have never felt the right to question Israeli policy. However, these prisoner swaps absolutely defy all logic.
1. How did we get into the situation where HUNDREDS of Palestinian prisoners -even those with blood on their hands-go free for ONE Israeli? Why is it not a one to one swap?
2. Why are we swapping live prisoners for dead soldiers?
3. Do all these swaps not encourage Hamas and Hizbullah to kidnap soldiers?

Abraham Haya, Las Vegs; USA

Mr. Regev

Two questions: Why swap a vicious murderer for two dead bodies? How come the Lebanese murderer was not hung when found guilty? Thank you Abraham

Meryl Yourish

The Arabs have been winning the propaganda war for decades. When one of Israel's ambassadors visited our synagogue, another congregant and I got into a discussion about Israel's failures in the propaganda war. He kept repeating that Americans love Israel, and that Israel always comes out highly in popularity pollls here.

When are Israelis going to wake up and start treating the propganda victories of the Arabs as a war and start fighting back? The Lebanon war is a perfect example of how Israel does not manage information well.

Israeli victims of terror are almost never named in wire service releases. Israeli spokespeople are generally referred to as "the Israeli army said," or "an Israeli spokesman said," when you and I both know the AP and Reuters know your names. Meantime, every Palestinian spokesperson is named, and all Palestinian victims are named, aged, and often followed with a quote by a relative.

I have read that Israel's press offices don't treat reporters well. If this is true, you are shooting yourselves in the foot.

When is Israel going to match the efforts that the Arabs put into getting their side of the story across?


Mark: Why doesn't Israel invest in a proper effort of "education", countering the powerful actions of the Palestinians who are forcefully creating a whole new narrative which often costs lives and without doubt creates anti-Israeli feelings? For example, the Al-Dura affair. Why doesn't our government have people responsible for addressing this kind of "phenomenon" in a responsible, direct and effective way?
Thanks and much success - hopefully with a new PM, soon.

John Landau

Why has Prime Minister Olmert not resigned, despite the ongoing police investigation of him and the critical findings of the commission investigating his leadership during the 2006 Lebanon War?

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