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Jerusalem belongs to the Jews and the Jews only! A comment the viewers of Al Jazeera will never forget. And for good reason. Many will remember that Berlin was once declared to be for Aryans and Aryans only. That whole regions of apartheid South Africa were for reserved for single ethnic groups. Now divide a city and a country racially, and we all know the conclusion. These regimes will always ultimately fail. So yes, the viewers had a lecture they will never forget, but only because it revealed the means of downfall of the Jews only state.


'unforgotten' states: So yes, the viewers had a lecture they will never forget, but only because it revealed the means of downfall of the Jews only state

but he/she forgets that the professor was quite clear Jerusalem was NOW open to ALL denominations Christian Muslim Jew etc-so the comparison he makes is quite frankly bullshit! This of course contrasts to when the Arabs 'owned' Jerusalem Jews and at times Christians were BANNED!

Danny Kidron

Why cannot Israelis say it like Arabs do?

Joe (Spain)

Nomorelies, how is it that your comments were exactly my intended comments. Israel's enemies find it convenient to forget these facts. Also I remember as a child with my parents, being squeezed by the British authorities at the insistance of the Muslim authoritis, into a narrow corridor in front of the Western Wall and and for a limited time. Also let us not forget the use of ancient Jewish headstones for their toilets when the Jordanians were in control.
Is any relegion being restricted today in the Jewish united city of Jerusalem?

John Turner

I was a guest in Israel for a short time and had the opportunity to visit Palestinian areas as well. We were generally treated like walking wallets and targets of deceit in Palestinian space, but with respect and courtesy in Jewish areas. I see the same thing in the public news media, where in general the Arab approach seems to be to spread propaganda, and the Israeli approach to present news. Though I am neither Jewish nor Islamic, I know which I prefer.


It is interesting that when Prof. Kedar, in his answer to the interviewer "is in the Koran", said that not once Jerusalem is mentioned in it. Knowong that this is a fact, the interviewer quickly moved to the subject of politics.

How did he think he could get away with such a blatant lie knowing that Prof. Kedar is an expert in Arab studies?


Yes unforgotten, because that is in line with the comment of how now after Jewish control, Jerusalem city is open for Moslems, Christians, and Jews. Apartheid indeed.

Fools such as yourself need to learn when to not open your mouth. You will seem more intelligent that way.


how appropriate that the commentor's name is Mordechai...May the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob be praised in all the earth!!


At the death of Mohammad, the Koran says he stopped off at the "Farthest Mosque" before going up to heaven. This is generally understood to be a reference to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This would be in the year 632, when Jerusalem was not under the control of Muslims, so there was no Muslim Mosque there.

Gershon Grushowski

Why does nobody mention that there are 3 Palestinian countries/states. What is Jordan? What business does the Hashamite family have on the east bank of the river Jordan? They got it from the Brits... And who gave the brits the right to do that? and to whom? The Bedouins that came to Jordan from what is today "Saudia" (Hijaz wa Najjad) with Abdalla Abu Tallal after being defeated by the Wahhabis, were always a minority in Trans Jordania (30%) and they can go back or admit that this spot they are on, is the solution for the people who call themselves Palestinians. It is about 5 times the size of israel. Go for it.

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