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Mistake 11:
The apathy of the Israeli public, in mobilising to try and force new elections or a Knesset no-confidence vote in the wake of the Second Lebanon War.

Mistake 12:
George W. Bush, Condoleeza Rice, and Ehud Olmert's assumption that Mahmoud Abbas is a "peace partner" who can deliver anything of any substance.

Mistake 3a (1967):
Israel didn't establish a security perimeter in the Jordan Valley, and pull out of the West Bank/Gaza areas. Yeah, it felt good to get the ancient Jewish heartland back, but it came with the palestinians, and what good have they ever done for anyone?


I'd say Sharon's decision to withdraw from Gaza as a sign of goodwill was a definite mistake. Israel was taking rocket fire from Gaza within days.

Velvel ben Moshe

The major mistake in Israel was in not listening to Rabbi Meir Kahane (OBM). If we had heeded his warnings (which were right on target) we would not have the problems we have today. Am Israel Chai


Israel will prevail!

Ariely Mordechay

1:The major stop to any stable agreement was and still is s the unwilliness of the Arab states and the Palestinians to accespt Isreal as a ligitimete jewsh state. Israely politition should highlite to the Israely public, the worldwide jewish poeple and the international comunity this main issue. Uless this main issue is not solved all the agreements and talks are only the best conflict management or stage tactics leading to the distruction of Israel

Bruce Gilboord

Regarding point # 7 "1995 - Israel's Shin Bet fails to stop Yigal Amir, a Jewish right-wing lunatic, from assassinating Prime Minister Rabin."

I resent the inference that Ygal Amir, was motivated by political beliefs that are popular among the "right-wing". I don't recall the advocacy of assassination in any op-ed pieces I read at the time.
I also take issue with the popular claim that he is a lunatic. I have not seen any evidence that points to his mental/emotional state before, during or after the assignation. In fact he was enrolled in law school at the time of the assassination.
Finally, the evidence that indicates him as a lone assassin is about as strong as the evidence that indicates Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of American President John F. Kennedy. I suspect that only about half the American public as well as only about half the Israeli public believe in their respective lone assign theories.
There is very much evidence to suggest Yigal Amir was more of a patsy just as Oswald said he himself was.


from Iranian and former revolutionary guard biggest mistake is trust stupid Iranian mullahs bring war and terrorist in all over the world and bring my oil and my money from Iran and spending on lazy Arab

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